How Can UCF Help?

On confidential vs non-confidential resources at UCF

Confidential Resources – There are numerous services at UCF which CAN NOT report your communications or treatment to other parties… such as the Title IX office.  The only time these offices can share information about you is (1) when you waiver the confidentiality, (2) someone’s safety is at issue or (3) when required to do so by a valid court order.  These are referred to as confidential resources.  Examples of confidential resources for employees at UCF are the Employee Assistance Program and Victim Services.

Non-Confidential Resources – There are resources and individuals at UCF that are also helpful but who have the duty to report to the university when they become aware that students have been the victim of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment or sexual discrimination.  These are called Non-Confidential resources.  Examples of non-confidential resources or individuals at include the UCF Police Department, employees who serve in a supervisory role and Title IX Personnel.


Confidential Resources +

1. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


LET’S BE CLEAR … The EAP is confidential and free for employees and their family members


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a university-funded benefit that offers the support and resources you need to address any personal challenges or concerns including the aftermath of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking. It is confidential and free to all faculty and staff (excluding OPS employees) as well as their eligible family members, including spouses, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.


UCF makes this service available to eligible employees and family members so that they can take action to resolve problems before they get out of hand. Total confidentiality and anonymity is provided to those who call the EAP directly for consultation.


EAP Benefits

  • 24-Hour Emergency Hotline
  • In-person, telephonic or video counseling with licensed professional counselors for issues such as grief & loss, depression, relationship dynamics, divorce, job stress and burnout, addiction, eating disorders, mental illness, and more
    • Six in-person visits per issue per year (including video counseling)
    • Unlimited telephonic counseling
      • Medical Bill Saver which includes expert negotiators who assist with lowering medical bills

EAP Contact Information


2. Victim Services

LET’S BE CLEAR… Victim Services is not just for students


UCF Victim Services offers free confidential support, crisis intervention, information, referrals, practical assistance and educational programs. The Victim Advocates are on-call 24 hours a day to assist individuals with crisis counseling and emotional support in the aftermath of victimization.


A Victim Advocate can help you understand and explore your rights and options within the criminal justice system, the university or the civil system.  This can enable you to make well-informed decisions based on your needs and what is best for you in your unique situation.

Non-Confidential Resources +

1. Employees in Supervisory Roles

Deans, directors, department heads, and supervisors are required to report to the Office of Institutional Equity all relevant details about an incident of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination where either the complainant or the respondent is an employee.


All university employees are strongly encouraged to report to law enforcement any conduct that could potentially present a danger to the community or may be a crime under Florida law.


2. Title IX Personnel

While handling a report on a Title IX issue, Title IX personnel will make all efforts to protect the complainant’s privacy and follow the wishes of the complainant as to whether an investigation will go forward or what types of remedial measures will be offered.  However if asked to proceed with a Title IX investigation or to assist in obtaining remedial measures for a complainant, Title IX personnel must have some contact with other individuals regarding the matter.