Reporting to UCF

How to Report to UCF

Making a Report to the University

Individuals who wish to report a concern regarding sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, or related forms of misconduct may use any of the following reporting options:

  • File a Let’s Be Clear report. The report form will ask you for your contact information and a description of what occurred, and allow you to attach any supporting documentation (such as documents, emails, or photos). If you do not include your contact information on this form, the Office of Institutional Equity may be unable to contact you to discuss your report or provide you resources.
  • Report to UCF Police. If you choose to report to UCF Police, they will also contact the Office of Institutional Equity to report the concern.
  • Contact the Title IX Coordinator directly. You can always file a report directly to the Title IX Coordinator by contacting: Amber Abud, Title IX Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity, 12701 Scholarship Drive, Suite 101, Orlando, FL 32816-0030; 407-823-1336;


All reports made to UCF are taken with the utmost seriousness. Retaliation against any person for making a report or participating in an investigation is strictly prohibited. And remember, you do not have to make a formal report or press charges to receive medical care, academic or other support.


After OIE receives a report, the Title IX Coordinator will have a member of the Title IX team reach out to the Complainant to discuss resources, support, and reporting options. An individual may utilize resources and support regardless of whether they request an investigation.