As a UCF Faculty or Staff Member


You may be the student’s only conduit to help

In no event should the victim be told that your conversation will be confidential.

As a UCF employee, you have an obligation under the Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment and Related Interpersonal Violence to advise the Office of Institutional Equity if you witness or receive a report of a sexual assault. Please familiarize yourself with the Policy regarding this duty and to determine if you fall within the narrow exceptions to this policy (such as victim advocates, medical doctors, nurses and licensed health care clinicians).


The What To Do When A Student Reports document outlines the process and provides resources for assisting students and fulfilling the University’s reporting requirements for employees. 


As a faculty or staff member who sees your students regularly, you are in a unique position to detect behavioral changes, increased stress levels or academic deterioration that can signal a serious problem. Students value faculty and staff opinions. You are not expected to take on the role of counselor, but don’t underestimate your ability to share helpful information with your students about the resources available at UCF, especially if a student approaches you for help.